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Dogs, they're all about the nose!

Dogs have been used for their amazing scenting abilities for years. From being put to work finding explosives, firearms, drugs, cash, missing people and human remains amongst other things. More recently dogs have shown remarkable ability to help us detect cancer, diabetes, seizures and even covid!

Now you too can teach your dog to be a detector dog!! 

Scentwork - Beginners

This course will introduce you and your dogs to the wonderful world of Odour Detection.

Who can do it?

Any breed

Any age

Any size

Any ability/disability

We will be

Introducing your dog to the target odour

Learning how to search for the target odour

Teaching your dog how to indicate to you they have found the source of the target odour (indication)

Learning how to read your dog and recognise when they are 'on' odour

Learning to communicate with each other and build great team work.

What you will get

A Scentwork kit to enable your continued training at home

An greater understanding of how our dogs view the world

An appreciation of the astounding power of your dogs nose

Most importantly a fun yet tiring and low impact game you can play with your dog anywhere

Qualify for our invitation only fun search days.

Run by a certified Scentwork UK and WSDA Instructor and Nosework Games competitor & Judge.

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