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Dog Agility Training


Foundations - Advanced

Agility is a fast paced game where the handler directs their dog around a course of obstacles in a race of both accuracy and time.

Beginners or Foundation classes are suitable for dogs from 5mths and onwards, we put a high emphasis on foundation skills to make sure you and your dog are confident and understand all the cues required to succeed in the game before adding lots of equipment.  

Improvers classes are suitable for dogs from 1yr and onwards and are for dogs who have successfully completed the Beginners or Foundation class and are ready to put their skills on equipment. 

Advanced or Competition classes are for those who have successfully completed the Improvers course and can do all the equipment.

We coach complete beginners to through to competition level, for fun or to compete. We understand competing is not for everyone, therefore we offer the opportunity to complete our Agility Levels as a way to celebrate your training success. 

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